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Family pictures
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The family in a picknik with the new arrival -Adva  
With Robert and friends  
In Usefia with danny and Kalya  
Family picture at Danny and Sylvia's wedding  
With Eldad  
Liora K Bat-Mitzva party  
With Robert  
The Eichengreen, Kirshner and Kartuginsky  
With Chicko the dog  
Mushi's wife - Ilene meet the Eichengreens  
Mushi and Adva  
The proud grandmother with Adva  
The Eichengreens in the resturant at Neve-Yam  
Eating Chulnt in Neve-Yam  
Fishing at the Jordan River  
Vacation at Kineret  
With Robert and Eldad  
With Eldad  
First grandson (Eldad) on the way  
Dancing at the wedding  
With Sylvia at her wedding  
The bride and the groom's families  
The Eichengreen family  
Dental technitian  
My parent Kalya and Tzvi and my brothers Leon and Michael  
Chava, Rivka, Malka and brother  
In Varsha  
Dental technitian  
Before the war in Varsha  
With my sister Ruth and friends  
My sister Tzipora and Moshe Askalon  
On the beach  
On the beach  
In Varsha with friend  
Hachshara in Israel  
Mushi's Bar-Mitzva 1967
Ye'arot HaCarmel Picknick. 1974
Picknic in the Jordan River 1975
With Kalya and Mushi In New York 1977
With Robert and Zipora in Philadelphia 1977
Kalya's Apartment in NY City 1977
A Trip to the Galil 1981
With Robert in Germany 1985
Liat arriving from the USA. In the Kinneret. 1987
Safta is paniting Liat. In USA 1988
Going for a ride 1988
Proud son and father (Mushi) 1988
Nataly, Kalya and the proud grandmother 1989
With Natalie 1989
Kalya and Natalie 1989
On the beach in Malibu with the Alon's 1990
Adva and Liat 1990
Safta again - With Robert 1991
My two granddoughters. Los Angeles. 1991
The Naked Alons 1991
With Ilene and Robert 1991
Danny, Eldad and Natalie 1992
Liat, Natalie and Robert 1993
Nurit K, Danny E. And Mushy's children 1994
Robert Eichengreen's family 1995
A trip to Washington. The Alon family 1995
Shabat dinner 1995
My bloomin back yard 1995
Lighting candles 1995
Robert 1996
Liat and Robert 1996
One of my admirers 1997
Starting a new carrer 1997
With my growing granddoughters in NY 1998
Universal Studios 1999
Liat's Bat-Mitzva. Liat, Kalya, Natalie 1999
With Kalya 1999
Universal Studios 1999
Sylvia, Eldad and Adva 1999
Danny and my brother Michael 1999
Pre Bat-Mitzva party at Tempo Resturant 1999
The Kirshner, Kartuginsky, Askelon, Alon and Eichengreen in LA 1999
At the Paul Getti Museum with Ruth and Danny 1999
With Danny 1999
At Deddy and Ronit house. USA 1999
All 6 grandchildren 2000
My newest granddoughter Ariel Alon 2001
With Kalya the clown 2002
The Eichengreens 2002
Eldad, Danny and Mushi 2002
With Eldad 2002
With Kalya 2002
Donating ambulance to Bikat Hayarden 2002
A friend in the army 2002
Danny at my birthday party 2002
David Levy signs the Peace Poster 2002
With Natalie 2002
David Levy and the children from Bikat Hayarden 2002
Eldad and Adva 2002
With Mushi 2002
With Rami's doughter 2002
With Rami Katz 2002
Natalie, Robert and Liat in Las Vegas 2002
My first boy - Danny 2002
Ariel 2002
Liat and Ariel 2002
The Alon family. Los Angeles 2002
Ariel And Robert 2002
Ariel 2 years old 2002
Ariel 2 years old 2002
My Children 2002